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Subscribe Project Status to your Mobile

How to subscribe?

Register for project status subscription through your mobile.

SMS the project code in below format to 9220092200

Send the applicable SMS format to 9220092200

Subscription: PASK<space>SUB<space><project code>
Status Enquiry: PASK<space>STAT<space><project code>
Help: PASK<space>HELP
Unsubscription: PASK<space>USUB<space><project code>

What is PASK?

PASK is a project status alert system of Kerala Water Authority for providing frequent updates of the progress status of on-going projects of KWA via web and SMS. Users can subscribe to any project for obtaining regular status alerts of the project. The subscribed users will get the progress status of the project on his mobile phone as SMS. Apart from this, people can check the status of the projects through this website. The status changes on a particular project will be reflected in the project page.